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Summer Nail commits to deliver quality services and products also firmly does not believe in the hard-selling approach. We provide cosy, clean and serene ambience offering you a perfect place for you to chill and enjoy our services.



Manicure Services In Singapore

Manicure Services by Summer Nail Salon offered not only the basic manicure and pedicure until the most popular gel manicure. Our salon has been in the nail beauty industry for more than two-decade. 

Gel Polish, Good VS Bad?

Although gel polish is a wonderful invention it had also brought in some beauty woes to ladies.

Almost 90% ladies that walked into a nail salon would pick up gel manicure or gel pedicure. Reason being that gel manicure dries instantly, it takes off the worries of polish smash before you reach home. Gel polish lasting power is also a plus point for the choice. Imaging when gel polish is not in the market a classic french manicure most likely chipped off by 4 days but if it gel form it will sure last much longer and the glossy finish for gel made the colour seem so shines even after weeks.  

Gel Polish Woes:

However, behind the wonders of gel polish, it also created a set of beauty woes.

The nail bed get thinner which makes the gel polish not as lasting as it claimed to be. It also caused pain when your nails are cured under the LED lights. The thinning of the nails usually is caused by the filing during soak-off or self-peeling and tearing of the gel polish at home. These caused a lot of gel lover to hesitate to apply the gel.

Shellac – the solution

Summer Nail had recognized this problem and had found a good solution to all gel lover. Shellac – is a unique ingredient had made this polish the only brand in the market that does not require any filing during the soak off plus it also strengthen those with thin layer nails. The shiny and durability are comparable with another gel brand in the market.

With this Shellac, you can continue to enjoy the beauty of gel polish. So call 8837 8668 or book online for an appointment now.

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