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Summer Nail Management

New beautiful gel polish – natural shimmer that looks great for manicure. 12 gel colors waiting to be wear on your nails. Book online for appointment.

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Shellac, CND, Sparitual

Shellac gel is one of the gel product that uses in our salon. It is the only gel that does not require filing during the removing gel. Therefore more customers prefer it as does not damage the nail bed. Other products like sparitual and other organic products.

Spa Treats

A good selection of treatments: 


CND organic

Hot Candle Wax 

Plant Placenta

Hyaluronic Acid

IBX nail bed



Something New

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Care tips on gel nail

Gel polish is the best invention in nail and beauty industry. The color is set within 30s. No more fear of chipping off or smudge. The colors are vibrate and great for doing nail design on gel polish. Well every good products will still have some weakness. 

The removing of gel is the most negative feed back by customers, almost 70% do not like the filing of their nail bed.  It tend to weaken their nail bed surface and gel polish will not be that lasting on weak nail or chipping nail bed.  30% of them find it a hassle to go back to nail salon to remove the gel and some said that it too lasting as they prefer to change their polish every other week. 

Solution:1. Use Shellac gel which do not require any filing during the removing.  

If there is no Shellac selection in the salon, should use a strengthen base gel to protect your nail bed. Long term usage on weak nail bed will see result.  Do not try only once and hope for miracle.

Lash Extension/

Lash Uplift

A new set of lash extension for these June. You can use Lash by lash or your own eyelash uplift. Our lash extension looks natural, lightweight.. Safety comes first: lash and glue from Japan. * All tools are stabilized before use. After every customer new set of towel and tools will be changed.  The therapist will be wearing mask and glove during the services. Lash Uplift is using your lashes to use solution to lift it up. A free lash ward* given to customer who do a set of new lashes at these beautiful June. *while stock last.