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Summer Nail had established since year 2000. Certified by JANEA (from Japan) for hygiene and 3rd grade eyelash extension. A team of professional therapists that are committed to serve you in the utmost hospitality and  provide the best and safe products.

Our Philosophy:

*Apply the best and safe products.

*Provide hygienic and Calm environment.

*Your beauty is always our utmost interest.

August!! Happy 54 Singapore

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Classic Gel Manicure*

CND Spa Pedicure

Callus Eilminator Pedicure

*excluding remove of gel


 Healthy#Nail Bed# IBX

Wonders of IBX

1.the only nail bed treatment that can apply gel polish.

2. result after consecutive treatments.

3. Nail bed will grow stronger.

Try it at only $28.


Nails Talk

How to give your gel nails a longer stay on the nail bed.

1. Have a healthy nail bed. 

2. Use CND Base and Top is a good protection to the natural nail bed.

3. Do not peel off your gel nails always remove it in the professional way. 

4. Do not like the filing on nail bed when removing, use the Shellac Polish which less chemical content and no filing during removing. 

5. Rest your nails after 3 conservative gel nails and do a nail bed treatment: IBX or ANGLIC