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Wearing new high heel shoes and have a cracky dry heel… Urrg! Turns you off right.

What Cause all these heels’ problem

1. Walking around barefooted.  It is advisable to wear a slipper at home.

2. The wrong type of shoes. The long duration of wearing uncomfortable shoes will create a fraction that causes corns and callus to grow.

3. Lack of moisture. We usually applied body lotion, face cream but we forgot about the toes and heel.

4. Improper way to get rid of the dryness, some may peel off or even cut it.

Summer Nail provided a range of treatment pedicure which is also suitable for man too. Read more nail care for man.

The Latest Pedicure Treatment

is from LCN – from Germany, it an integration of beauty and medical science that promise quality and safe vegan products. It is free from paraben, mineral oil and silicone oil. UREA Treatment is a highly effective and nourishing foot care series that can provide sufficient moisture for the feet, reduce calluses and cracks, renew skin cells, and lock moisture optimally. It can penetrate into the dermis, making the skin soft and smooth from the inside out. Let introduce the UREA Treatment:

1. Soak feet with nourishing and vitalising foot bath salt which contain essential oils. Refreshes and provides new energy.

2. Spray the callus softener at the callus areas, leave it on for two minutes and using the foot file to file away the callus.

3. Exfoliate the feet and heel area.

4. Follow by a chapped skin mask for the dry callus area and a foot mask for the rest of the feet (half leg). Warm mittens will be put on to give the mask a better penetration to the skin.

5. Complete with UREA Foot Cream which contains provitamin B5 for very dry skin.