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Semi Permanent Makeup

 Waking up in perfect beauty is what every ladies dream of.  With this semi permanent makeup of eyebrows, lips or eyeliner. There will be no more worry of trying to balance the eyebrows and eyeliner. Perfect lip color even after your meal. Semi Permanent Makeup is not only for gals, it for guys too. 

Our Team

Our team of therapists are well trained to provide this services. The tools and colours that are used during the services are up market products that are safe and qualify.  The process include a consultation on what design of the eyebrow shape, the embroidery that suit you.  The whole process takes around two hours.


New Services

 Whatapp at 8837 8668

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Price list 

Below are some of the before and after picture and the price list that before 15% off. If you have any question about our services. Give us a text we will be your assist. 

Frequent Questions

Q.  How long does eyebrow embroidery able to last?

A.  Usually it last 2 to 3 years. Fresh embroidery looks darker but color will tone down a few days so it become more natural.  

Q. It is painful? 

A. It really depends on your pain tolerance. But our team will ensure numb cream to be penetrated to have a least pain proceed. 

Q. What is the proceeding of the eyebrow embroidery?

A. The therapist will discuss the suitable eyebrow, draw the outline so you know what the outcome. After which will apply the numb cream before the session start.  Beauty takes time so select a time when you can relax yourself. 

Whatapp any enquiry at 8837 8668?