Manicure Story

What is a manicure?

Manicure is a treatment for the hands which involve shaping and painting of the nails, removal of the cuticles and softening of the skin. Majority of people usually do not like to do a manicure as the top reason is the colours will be chipping off quite fast, not lasting.   Customers are looking forward to having a lasting polish colour beautiful painted on the nails rather than why they need a manicure. The solution to durable colours is to use gel polish. However, the main reason why we need a manicure does not only because of aesthetic reasons a manicure is a treatment for the entire hand, not just the nails or the polish.  

The classic manicure starts with a filing of the nails, push back the cuticle and trim the untidy skin, hangnails and moisture it with cuticle oil, complete with a nail polish colour or a gel polish colour. By cutting away the untidy cuticle, it allows new skin cells to regrow and regenerate. Have a manicure is also stress-relieving as hands are the most hardworking part of the body. Have a Qtica Manicure not only clean up the cuticle, is had a moisturising effect on the skin and refreshing to the tired hands or dry cuticle. 

Pamper your hand well for there deserves a spa treatment too.