Man’s Nail Care

His Nail Care


Nail care is not just for ladies, it also for man. Why we need a manicure? Our hands work the most and truly need to give them a good pamper. When a man take care of the nails it means that he is a well groom man and observe in details.  In a manicure session, trim and shape the nail, clean up his cuticles and moisture with cuticle oil and a complete with lotion and give the nail bed a shine. 

$33 – 30min



Pedicure is most popular in demand services for both men and women. Our feet supported us for long hours of movement and wrapping in shoes. They deserve a good pedicure session.  We give the nails a good cuticle trimming, file away the heel and include a good scrub and lotion to complete it. 

$47 for 45mins


Callus Pedicure

You may be asking what is the difference between a callus pedicure and a classic pedicure?? The callus pedicure is targeting customer that had thick dry heel problem or do not want to use a blade to remove the dry skin. This callus solution only takes 5 mins to soften the hard skin. Repeated treatment is advisable to achieve a lasting result.

$78 for 50mins

His Special Deal

For 1st time customer

Callus Pedicure for just $66





What They Say

Good job.  Getting rid of my dry heel will definitely come again. Thank you.