Weekday Deals

Monday = Classic Manicure + Classic Pedicure @ $55

Tuesday = Classic Gel Manicure + Classic Gel Pedicure @ $108

Wednesday = 15% off the treatment manicure or treatment pedicure

July Great Deals

Japan Eyelash Lifting for 2 sessions at $88, (u.p $138) plus free 1 eye mask.


Top up $28 for our new feet Almond & Honey Peel-off Mask. Double up your  treatment with 2 masks- a peel-off mask and coconut oil + honey socks (while stock last)


How to get a 20% discount?

Just get a $190 worth of package and enjoy a 20% discount off ala carte nails and lash services. The top-up cash will be $100/$200 to continue to enjoy this discount. 


How to get a 15% discount?

Accumulate receipts to $150 within 2 months to enjoy the discount on nail classic services.