Q&A Semi Permanent Makeup

How long does it last? 
5 years and more depending on skin type.
Does it changes colour over time?
For the eyebrow colour, it will change to the lighter tone becoming more natural colour. About 70% of the colour will remind after the peeling off stage. (which is take place after 3 to 5 days depend on your skin). A second touch up is needed to make sure the colour is secure in.
How long does it swell for?
Mild swelling about 1 to 2 days, depending on your skin sensitivity. Pls, apply the aftercare lotion during these process as it not only soothing the swelling and lock the colour.
How long can I put on eye makeup? 
7 days.
Is it painful during the process?
A high-quality numbing cream is applied to prevent pain. Percentage of the pain after numbing cream is around 10 to 20% depends on your degree of tolerance towards pain. We had a 2nd stage of the numbing cream to apply during the process as we want our customer as comfortable during the process.The sound of the process can be a little intimidating but it is like the same is you shave your eyebrows.
How long is the procedure?
Consultation and drawing of the eyebrow about 15 minutes. Leave on numbing cream for about 20 to 30 minutes.
Leave on numbing cream for about 20 to 30 minutes.
Embroidery takes about 1 hours 30 minutes for eyebrows and eyeliner about 30 minutes or so.
What is the hygiene level?
New sterilized blades and gloves are used for each customer.

Aftercare tips to follow:

There will be a period of downtime for 3 to 7 days as your eyebrow/eyelids enter the healing process. Expect slight redness and swelling at the areas which will vary from individuals.
Avoid water contact. While we understand that it is impossible to do so, should water come in contact pls ensure your hands are clean and take a tissue to dab dry as gently as possible.
No water activities like swimming or sauna.
Avoid rubbing the eyes if you have your eyeliner done.
No eye makeup.
Apply the aftercare lotion during the healing process. Even you find it not swelling or uncomfortable just apply the aftercare lotion as it also helps to lock the colour.