February Beauty Diary

February is a month filled with love and sharing. 

Like to share the topic – gel manicure. About 90% who have do gel manicure will have to admit that it is a wonderful invention in the beauty industry. What about the reminding 10%?? Majority of the reason that I heard are the removing of the gel, need to go to nail salon to do it, damage the nail bed by filing the nails during the removing, weaken the nail condition. 

I encourage all of you to remove the gel polish in a nail salon. Do not remove by peeling off or leaving the gel polish on the nail bed to grow out. These definitely will damage the nail bed. If you do not have time to go to nail salon, you actually can get DIY remove gel solution pack online this is better than peeling off. 

After removing the gel, why do i feel the nail become thinner??

I have never leave my nails bare since gel polish is out in the market. I always apply a strengthen gel base that protects my nail bed. It helps in the long run especially when you always want to have a set of beautiful nails. With the strengthen gel base, my nails do not get thinner. You can always let the nails rest from gel polish after 2 times of doing and do a nail bed treatment to strengthen the nails. 

Is gel nails good for my nails?

No more worries of chipping nail colour after manicure. Worth doing nail design as it lasting for weeks. Beside all the beauty reasons, actually gel polish helps to protect the nails from chipping (my own opinion),  if the nails chipping off, can use a strength gel base and follow by gel colour, this prevent the nails from chipping off. 

I do not like the filing of my nails during the removing gel??

Majority of the ladies feel that removing gel damage the nail bed, it a yes and no. Yes if the manicurist do not know how to file it, the continuous filing is wrong. The proper proceeding is manicurist will need to file the surface of the gel colour so the solution can be absorb to break the gel polish and let it wrap up for 5mins before start removing, wrap up again if it had not break up the gel, do not file away the gel unless majority of the gel polish have been remove. 

Well if you find this is a waste of time, opt for – Shellac. This gel polish do not need filing at all. Just wrap with the removing solution and the colour will break in less than 5mins. Awesome! 

Where to get Shellac?? Google it to find your nearest nail salon offer the brand or simply make an appointment with Summer Nail Salon, we have a range of Shellac colour available for you. 

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