*Callus Eliminator Pedicure $56 (u.p$68)

The solution to dry and crack heel.

*Gel Manicure & Gel Pedicure $99 (u.p $135)

Not inclusive of removing gel; only for weekdays.




All products are imported from Japan to give good quality results.

Japan Eyelash Perming $39 (u.p$50)

Japan Eyelash Extension $69 (u.p$90)

*lashes 100 (50×2)

*excluding removing of the eyelash extension.




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Good nail bed gives you a lasting gel nail. Since gel nails had come into the beauty industry, almost every ladies love the effect of gel nails that dry immediate, shiny finish and more lasting compared to the nail polish finish.

There are always pros and cons that we get from customers that their nails become thinner or not that lasting after continuing application of the gel polish. These discourage a lot of ladies to do gel polish. Well, I always believe that there is a beauty solution to every problem.

Beauty Solution:

IBX builds back your nail bed strength and thickness. It repairs the nail bed, every session you will see improvement, which also depends on the degree of the damage of the nail bed.  IBX builds back your nail bed strength and thickness.
After the repair session, use the shinygel base and top gel to replace the normal gel base & top. What is so special of this shinygel base??
*This gel base is mild acidity, the normal gel base is very acidic which causes the damage of the nail bed.
*ph level is tested to be 5.7 (quite a natural level)

*long lasting adhesion is bonded by a patented formula designed by shinygel called cross polymerization.

*During the removing, although filing still needed, after wrapping for 10 mins the gel polish will just peel off and the nail bed is not dry or white spots.

Try this  IBX Treatment with shinygel at $30 for a better nail bed protection.

Summer New product :

Dadi’ Oil – 95% Certified Organic Nail, a healthier choice for your skin.

*made from natural vitamin E, anti-oxidant and three certifiedor

*avocado oil high in vitamins A & D.

*Extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil

*beautiful scent created from 21 essential oils. Absorb quickly and deeply with no greasy after feelll

*small bottle for easy application and carry every where at just $10.