Why Choose DPL Hair Removal?

1. It PAINLESS, great for those with low pain tolerance.

2. Lesser risk to get ingrown hair. 

3. Shorter treatment time especially for large body area.

4. With the consistency, hair regrow will be lighter and slower. 

To see result, consistency to come for DPL session is a must.  We have planned out a hair removal plan to protect your skin and wallet. 


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Hair Growth Cycle

Most common question that we hear customers asking us, “After how many sessions then we are able to see result?” “Why my hair still grow even i did the DPL for so long?”

Let us tell you what are the factors that affecting the result, 

1. The hair texture, color of the the hair, different skin tone, the result on DPL is up to individuals.

2. The consistency of coming for the DPL sessions. We strongly advise you to get it done every month or 28 days after a session.

3 Although all the hair are growing on the same skin,  individual hair growth is always at different stage.

Our therapists will do individual skin screening before actual treatment.

Our hair removal body parts are separated in 3 different areas :-

Mini Me(A)

$39 per session

Upper lip



Nape of neck

Hands & Finger

Feet & Toes



Left & Right (B)

$68 per session

Lower Arm

Upper Arm

Upper Back 

Lower Back

Upper Front

Lower Front

Upper Leg

Lower Leg


Privacy Please (C)

$88 per session

V line

I Line



Butt Cheek