Gift of Love

Special Nails Deal

1st Gift of Love

Gel Manicure 1 For 1

Ready to have beautiful gel nails with these two sessions of gel manicure at only $98! Enjoy this with your loved one or you can keep it for the second treat (use within 2 months). This deal includes classic manicure, the application of gel colour and complete lotion for your hands. Get these deals within your budget without burning a hole in your wallet.

2nd Gift of Love

Express Gel Manicure with Design

Want to have a unique nail design on your gel manicure, but always hesitate on the cost? No more worries, for just $28 you can get a well-shaped nail with gel design.  You can also create your design with matt finish, gel colours, glitter or even a cat-eye effect. Do not miss this great deal.

3rd Gift of Love

Get a transformed pedicure by selecting our choice of spa treatment pedicure. Click on to get more detail on each type of pedicure. Do not miss this great deal, for a 15% discount off and get to enjoy a different and pampering pedicure session.