Men’s grooming 

is important because men are just like women, who love beautiful beings too. A daily grooming routine helps to maintain personal hygiene (something that we hope guys already know is essential!) and is also keep a masculine look. From the basic hair removal moving down to toes all need to maintain.


Shaving is the most common method of hair removal for males. It is quick and easy but can irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs.

Waxing is a better way to do, not really that painful. Our therapists are quick and fast before you can react it, will be done!

Another method will be DPL (dynamic pulse light), using light to make the hair follicle slow down the growth and the texture will grow more fine. Click in to know more.

Face Care

Facial is often associated with women, but a consistent and healthy skincare routine is something that men needed. A regular skincare routine is a must for keeping the skin healthy and vibrant.  Men can produce four times as much sebum as women, meaning they’re more likely to suffer from excessive oil, enlarged pores, therefore a facial is a must! 

Treatment Pedicure 

Most man will prefer to have a regular pedicure that clean up the cuticle and filing the sole of feet. However they had forgotten about the sole need pampering as not all are blessed with nice heel. Getting proper care and attention would prevent feet cracks from getting deeper and cause bleeding and pain. Do not used blade to remove the thick callus because it actually build more callus. Therefore get a treatment pedicure once a month with us. Click in to know more.