Nail Care for Him

Professional working man take care of their image and having  good personal care is definite a plus point. Patronising a beauty salon is not longer just for ladies, it also for him.

Manicure for Him

Manicure is the basic grooming care. Our hands do a lot of work and deserve a good treats. The session included:-

1. Trim and shape the nails.

2. Clean up dry cuticles.

3. Moisture with cuticle oil in the cuticle area.

4. Lotion to the hands.

5. Give the nails a good buff shine. 

A regular manicure will keep away dry cuticles and hang nails. Do not try to pull hang nail out or bit it away which may cause more pain. 

Pedicure For Him

Most man will prefer to have a regular pedicure that clean up the cuticle and filing the sole of feet. However they had forgotten about the sole need some treatment and pampering.  Why treatment pedicure is needed?  Not all are blessed with nice heel. Taking proper precaution and care right away can prevent cracks from getting deeper and cause bleeding and pain. Do not used blade to remove the thick callus because it actually build more callus. Therefore, we usually will encourage customer to do a treatment.

What cause the callus or dryness 

1. Bare foot walking around. It is advisable to wear a home slipper to protect it as now we usually stay in air con environment.

2. The wrong type of shoes. The long duration of wearing an uncomfortable shoes will create blisters, corns and callus to developed.

3. Lack of moisture cause the dryness to become worse.  We always remember to apply on face and body but we forgotten about the toes and heel.

4. Improper way to get rid of the dryness, some may peel off or even cut it. This will make the skin regrow even more skin and dryness.  

Summer Nail have a range of treatment pedicure, click to find out more. This March we have brought in the LCN products – UREA Pedicure Spa.

The Latest Pedicure Treatment

is from LCN – from Germany, it an integration of beauty and medical science that promise quality and safe vegan products. It is free from parabens, mineral oil and silicon oil. UREA Treatment is a highly effective and nourishing foot care series can provide sufficient moisture for the feet, reduce calluses and cracks, renew skin cells, and lock moisture optimally. It can penetrate into the dermis, making the skin soft and smooth from inside out. Let introduce the UREA Treatment:

1. Soak feet with nourishing and vitalizing foot bath salt which contain essential oils. Refreshes and provides new energy.

2. Spray the callus softner at the callus areas, leave on for two minutes and using the foot file to file away the callus.

3. Exfoliate the feet and heel area. 

4. Follow by a chapped skin mask for the dry callus area and a foot mask for the rest of the feet (half leg). Warm mittens will be put on to give the mask a better penetration to the skin. 

5. Complete with UREA Foot Cream which contain provitamin B5 for very dry skin. 


What They Say

Good job.  Getting rid of my dry heel will definitely come again. Thank you.


The LCN callus pedicure is very effective. After this treatment, I can wear open heels without the worry of the ugly crack heels.


Love the professional skill and services. Give a 5 stars.