Manicure & Pedicure

Basic cleaning up the nails which include shaping of nails, trimming of the cuticle, buffing. A good scrub and filing of the heels is a must in our classic pedicure. Not forgetting aromatic lotion and polish to complete the nail session. Beside the basic OPI color, opt for gel nails for lasting colors. Able to chose shellec with no additional cost. 



Ladies Manicure $30  Pedicure $40

Ladies Nude Manicure $24  Nude Pedicure $36

Man Manicure $33 Man Pedicure $47 (include buff shine) 

Gel Manicure $73 (include removing existing gel)

Gel Pedicure $78 (include remove existing gel)



Express Manicure $15   

Express Pedicure $20

Shape & Buff Manicure $12 

Shape & Buff Pedicure $14

Express gel manicure $30

Express gel pedicure $38

Remove gel $15 to $25


Heel Treatment Pedicure

Transform dry heels back to soft heels, dry feet to smooth baby feet, a must try heel treatment pedicure. It definitely improve the condition of dry callus, dry skin. If you are clueless how to get rid of fungi toes, yellow stain nail bed, ingrown nails, thick nails that you could not cut it off, our team of therapists can solve for you.


Types of treatments for hands and feet, click below to know more about which treatment suit your needs

Qtica Wax | Cuccio | LCN |Plant Placenta|Sparitual Vegan

All hand treatment – $70. All feet treatment – $80.

Include a full mani/pedi + treatment + color

For callus pedicure to get ride of the dry cracky heel $66 (ladies) $76 (man)

Nail Extension

Nail Extension is the solution for those with bitting nails habits or no patient to wait for the nails to grow to your desire length. Our team of therapist can give you a set of nice beautiful nails painted with choice of gel color or just polish.

One set of nail extensions $158 (include 2 choice of colors)

Touch up after 3 weeks    $95

Remove of extension with manicure  $60

Repairs of broken/chip nail $8 – $15


Spa Facial

Three signature Spa Facial targeting insomnia, tired eyes & dull skin, congested pores at chin and cheek. Get your face a workout to boost up with glow radiance. 

Hydro+Facial  ($128 for 60mins) – Start your face care journey with Hydro+Facial. Hydro+Facial is the basic face care. All skin type need to replenish water and always keep the face moist.  From here our therapists analysis the skin condition and solution to your concern.  A glow and healthy skin after 60mins.

Deep Pore Purifying Spa Facial ($148 for 90mins) – Suffering from break outs and clogged pores, experience our deep pore purifying care which include a deep cleaning and extraction by our beauticians.   Laclaire a face care product from Korea,  formulate Oil-Control Purity Revita Mask is used in the facial.  The unique of this mask  is formulated  with the moist and penetrate into the skin to balance the oil and water. Complete with an oil control serum or gel application. 

Illumine Face Care($188 to $258 for 90mins) – For 30s and above, bring a complete hydro, uplift to the skin. It suitable for ladies who want to rejuvenate the skin to bring back the youthful glow. Beside our experience therapists, facial machine will be used for better result achieved. Beside the face care it also include a face, head, hand and shoulder massage with Eve Taylor essential oil.

Head Bojie/Rub                $59 for 30mins 

Japan Lash Lift                  $69

Eyebrow Trimming          $15

DPL Hair Removal

To see result for the DPL hair removal, it need to be
1. Consistency.

2. A value for money plan so in the long run it not a burden to the wallet. 

We have design a plan that make this happen.  Consistency and the condition of the hair is the key to see improvement. 

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