Hair removal is not only for gals, guy also do it. Remove all the unsightly hair and exfoliating skin at the same time. Be hairless and re discover the soft baby skin. Our well trained therapists will minimise the pain. If you have low to tolerance opt for the DPL hair removal. Read more at 


Do you have low pain tolerance but still want to have unsightly hair removed? Use the Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL), shaving will be done first follow by using light to control intensity over the root of the hair to be removed the hair follicles. Do not worry that the shaving (it different from DIY shaving done at home) will cause ingrown or faster the speed of regrow. As after shaving will be follow by the DPL that shot in every hair follicles to weaker the roots causing  a more finer hair or will stop grow back.  The speed of growing will be slower too. Read more at   or you can take up our 1st trial DPL only happen in tanjong pagar outlet. Whatapps us at 8837 8668 for enquiry.

Hydro+Facial  ($128 for 60mins) – Start your face care journey with Hydro+Facial.  All skin type need to replenish water and always keep the face moist.  From here our therapists analysis the skin condition and solution to your concern.  A glow and healthy skin after 60mins.

Deep Pore Purifying Spa Facial ($148 for 90mins) – Suffering from break outs and clogged pores select our deep pore purifying care.  Laclaire, a face care product from Korea,  a must try is the Oil-Control Purity Revita Mask. The unique of this mask  is formulated  with the moist and penetrate into the skin to balance the oil and water. Complete with an oil control serum or gel application. 

Essencious Face Care or Casmara Vitamin C Face Care ($169 to $258 for 90mins) – For 30s and above, bring a complete hydro, uplift to the skin. Suitable for ladies who want to rejuvenate the skin to bring back the youthful glow. Beside our experience therapists, facial machine will be used for better result achieved. Complete the face care with a relaxing shoulder massage.

Need some help on the back,  this is the body part that you seldom really take care or hard to reach out? We are here to take care of it. If you have marks or pimples at your back. Book in this body treatment – back acne treatment which is a 50min treatment that include cleansing, taking care of the acne and mask with purifying mask to have a shiny silk back.