Type of Treatment Pedicure

In Summer Nail Salon, we had different treatment pedicure to cater the needs of the feet or hands.  There are also relaxing pedicure by Cuccio which include a detox soak that soften the skin of the feet. It include the full nail services and treatment, not forgetting to complete with nail polish.  The treatment manicure $70 and treatment pedicure $80. If you are clueless as to what is the solution to your feet’s problem, do visit us and our experience therapist will do it for you. 

Target: Moisture the skin with natural ingredients

Solution: Vegan Sparitual 

This set of Spa Treatment is from Sparitual, a vegan brand, which means all the ingredients are formulated without DBP, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin. It 100% vegan with no animal by-products.

Try this treatment to let your skin have a vegan rejuvenating.

Target: For dry skin condition

Solution: Plant Placenta Mask

This plant placenta treatment comes with a sugar scrub to exfoliate the layer of dry dead skin.

Follow by the plant placenta packed into either the socks or gloves and put on the hot mittens for 15mins.

The hot mitten is to let the plant placenta totally absorb into the skin.

Complete with moisturizer which renews the skin just like baby skin.

 Target: Dry heels and skin

Solution: Qitca Hydrating

This treatment is using the melted candle wax oil.

The special candle wax oil contains main ingredients of soybean oil, bee wax, coconut oil, when the candle is melting pour the oil and massage into the skin and wrap with warm mittens to give you a 15min warm mask.

The warm mask is able to give you a smooth baby skin after the treatment.


Target: Hydrate, detoxify and relax

Solution: Cuccio Detox

Cuccio is natural botanicals & fruit extracts that comes with scrub, mask and butter lotion. The highlight of treatment is the Detox Soak which contains the properties of Vitamin E, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Vitamin C and it had the hydrating benefits of Argan oil. The Detox Soak is only for a pedicure.

Target:  Dry and cracky heel

Solution: LCN UREA Pedicure

LCN is a great brand in the nail industry and it original from Germany. This product softens the callus and removes the callus by filing. This healing treatment considers sea salt for soaking, scrub for the leg. The callus soak is specially targeted to removes the callus.  Using two masks one for the heel area and one for the feet. One treatment solved two problems.